YouTube Celebrity Conspiracy Theories — MK Ultra, Time Traveling, and More

This is another theory that also straddles the whole “celebrities are actually demons” area. In this conspiracy, YouTubers with way too much time on their hands slow down and reedit videos to show “proof” celebs are speaking in Satanic gibberish. The theorists particularly spend a lot of time analyzing talk show shows like Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres, who are both known “babblers.” However, according to theorists, it’s not babbling or mumbling you’re hearing but a secret language that only the Hollywood elite understands. “They’re in a secret club aka CULT and we ain’t in it,” one YouTuber wrote in their video. “And their cult has their own language they use on AIR!” 

To be honest, when you watch the clips featured in these videos, it’s very hard to pick up anything suspicious, but theorists maintain that celebs slip in the words quickly so that you don’t catch it. “If they had good intentions, why would they hide it?” another YouTuber asked, suggesting that the secret words were used for casting spells.

However, now that YouTube is cracking down on conspiracy videos, here’s hoping these theorists can go outside and get some much-needed fresh air.

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