You can now buy a $545 toy version of Karl Lagerfeld’s cat

Feline wealthy recently? If so, you might want to order a limited edition plushie of the world’s most famous kitten.

Chanel and Fendi creative head Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with German teddy bear maker Steiff on a $545 stuffed toy replica of his pet cat, Choupette. The kitty writes on its blog that Steiff was producing 2,000 copies of a “more cuddly and loving version of me” and argued that the mid three figures price was a bargain because “it’s about as close as you’ll come to actually petting me!”

The acrylic and polyester limited edition version, which comes with a magnetic mouse for Choupette to chase, is now available for preorder on and boutiques run under Lagerfeld’s personal brand. It’s the most expensive in a line of already pricey Choupette-branded accessories that include a quartz-colored rubber cloth shopper bag ($365), jersey sweatshirts ($215) and iPhone 7 case ($35).

Born in 2011 and gifted to Lagerfeld later that Christmas, Choupette joined Twitter the following year. The pussy has drawn many readers to its Choupette Diaries blog and almost 100,000 followers on Instagram thanks to a trademark blend of snark and humor. Think posts admiring caterpillars for their ability to sleep, or bemoaning how humidity makes its fur frizzy.

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The cat has appeared in magazine editorials, inspired clothing lines and even reportedly has two maids tending to its every beauty whim. That said, it earns its keep: Lagerfeld told The Cut blog that Choupette made over $3 million in 2014 from its modeling gigs.

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