Will Ziva David Come Back and Make an Appearance on ‘NCIS’ This Season?

For many years, Ziva was one of the main characters, and the close relationships that she developed in the series with characters like Tony DiNozzo and Leroy Gibbs rocked views to their core. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2013, it was announced that Cote would be leaving the show and focusing on other projects. 

To everyone’s surprise, in a fall finale, a familiar face had returned, throwing many fans for a loop in the best way. In the final scene of Season 16, Ziva storms down the stairs to deliver a warning to Gibbs.  

After her jaw-dropping comeback appearance, Ziva David was heavily involved in Season 17 of NCIS and played a significant role. At the end of Season 17, viewers saw Ziva get on a plane to Paris to make her highly-anticipated reunion with her daughter and Tony. 

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