Will the New TikTok Weight Loss Dance Help You Lose Weight?

Mega-popular social media app TikTok has become a treasure trove for pretty much every single hobby or niche interest you could possibly have. Whether you love art, thrifting, recipes, or exercise, there is a corner of TikTok dedicated to people curating their profiles specifically to that, and sometimes, that content goes viral. 

Janny’s claims about diet have also been called into question.

Not only have health experts debunked Janny’s claims that her dance workout will burn stomach fat, but they have also called into question her claims about diet. Janny claims multiple times that you will see results no matter what you eat as long as you do her dance every day for five minutes.

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“This person is promoting this exercise as what do if you want to get skinny. She also has other posts where she says multiple times, ‘Exercise for an hour a day and eat whatever you want,’ which of course is completely incorrect and this kind of advice is exactly what gets people into a lot of trouble where they go for a run then eat their faces off and end up gaining a bunch of weight,” Sohee Lee told Insider.

“No matter how much exercise you’re doing, if your nutrition is not dialed in, if you’re not eating in a calorie deficit, you’re not going to shed the body fat,” she said. “Exercise should come secondary to that.”

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