Will Natalie and Will Get Back Together in Season 6 of ‘Chicago Med’?

The winter premiere of Chicago Med was jam-packed with unexpected twists and turns, including the tender moment Dr. Natalie Manning and Dr. Crockett Marcel shared on the rooftop of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. 

As the executive producers previously teased, Season 6 of the show continues to explore Natalie’s relationship with Crockett, much to Dr. Will Halstead’s disappointment. Die-hard Manstead fans want to know: Is it over for Will and Natalie, or could they get back together still? 

The next episodes of ‘Chicago Med’ will explore Natalie’s relationship with… Crockett.

“They’re going to be a little awkward at first with one another, because there was that intimacy between them, and they’re not really sure what it means. I would say the next episode is really exploring that, and then coming to the realization of what it means,” Diane described Natalie’s relationship with Crockett in an interview with TVLine

“It gets deep,” Andrew added. 

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Season 5 of Chicago Med marked a landmark moment for Natalie and Crockett. 

Once a New Orleans detective duo enters the hospital, Natalie goes out of her way and help Crockett, who, without her intervention, could have gotten himself into majestic trouble. 

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Having learned about the culprit — who, it so happens, has Crockett’s DNA — Natalie decides to look into Crockett’s medical history. As she discovers, Crockett has once donated his bone marrow, which explains the matching sample. The genius move works, and she ends up saving Crockett’s life and reputation. 

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The winter premiere of Chicago Med captures a rare moment of intimacy between Natalie and Crockett. During a brief visit to the rooftop, Natalie kisses Crockett’s back. The scene undoubtedly signals that their relationship is about to take a new turn. 

The unexpected developments might come as a shock for Will at first, the executive producers of Chicago Med hinted. There’s a chance, however, that he will get used to it eventually. 

“He tries to be a grown-up. He tries, but he can never quite get over that relationship. It was a very potent, deep relationship, and even though he was the one who last rejected Natalie, those feelings never go away,” Andrew told TVLine

But what if he doesn’t? Could he still change tack and win over Natalie’s heart? Only time will tell. 

Catch new episodes of Chicago Med every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. 

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