Why WWE Superstars Were Stuck in Saudi Arabia Has Some Feeling Jaded

Because of the unexpected flight delay, the Nov. 1 episode of SmackDown, on which many of the Superstars were expected to wrestle the following night, had to undergo some major last minute changes. The Miz, who was originally supposed to interview Bray Wyatt on a segment of Miz TV, instead interviewed himself. Luckily, he has just the kind of personality to be able to pull that off, but it was still a hiccup in the planned shtick.

Roman and Baron were supposed to wrestle in a headlining match at Friday’s SmackDown, but because of the flight delay, they too were replaced last minute. Instead of fans seeing the two wrestling powerhouses go head to head again, they saw Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan go at it in an NXT Championship match.

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