Why Was Fox’s ‘Filthy Rich’ Canceled After Just One Season?

After just five episodes, Fox pulled the plug on Filthy Rich, Variety reported. According to the outlet, Fox decided to cancel the series after just one season due to “rising production costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” Though the network canceled the series midway through its television run, Fox continued to air the remaining episodes of Season 1.

Tonight (Nov. 30), Filthy Rich will conclude with a shocking series finale. “The Monreaux family finds out an explosive secret that threatens to tear them apart. Meanwhile, with Mark and Rose ready to take a serious next step in their relationship, Margaret feels compelled to intervene and protect Rose,” the episode bio states. 

While it’s unlikely the series will wrap every loose end up for fans, due to its sudden cancellation, we’re hoping the Fox soap will provide viewers with some form of closure. 

But, fans of Filthy Rich should remain positive, or at least outspoken on social media. Though unlikely, it is possible for television shows to get revived on other networks or streaming platforms. However, there has been no official word of another network renewing Filthy Rich at this time.

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