Why Is Sunny Always Outside on ‘The Kitchen’? The TV Host Explains

A commenter on the Reddit post speculated that Sunny wanted to keep her home life away from the Food Network cameras — or that she has a small kitchen. “She might like her privacy — I know I would! — but I am surprised that the Food Network hasn’t either made her [film inside] as part of her contract or at least built her some sort of stage/fake [kitchen],” that commenter wrote. “Of course, she might live in a small apartment, or have a really small kitchen area.”

A third user, meanwhile, said Sunny previously told fans that she does indeed value her privacy.

“She has talked about it on Instagram and has noted privacy being the main reason she doesn’t [film inside her house],” that user wrote. “People have asked to see her pantry, too, and she cited privacy there as well. I understand her point of view. I’m working from home right now, and it feels like work is at my house, and it’s hard to keep them separate at times.”

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