Why Is Spirit Animal Offensive? The Term Has Sacred Origins

The singer received backlash for a September 2019 Instagram post in which she used the term to describe her connection to dancer and choreographer Parris Goebel. 

“Y’all are literally bout to witness why this woman right here is my spirit animal! God gifted genius!!” Rihanna wrote next to a photo of the duo. A user with the handle @hannie.oakley responded, “Please stop using ‘spirit animal’ unless you belong to one of the indigenous groups to which this concept belongs.”

Rihanna acknowledged the comment, writing, “You’re so right! It won’t happen again,” but never edited the caption.

In contrast, Lizzo politely schooled a fan back in 2018 who called the Grammy winner her “spirit animal.” “The term ‘spirit animal’ is offensive to First Nation and indigenous tribes but look girl I love that u feel like I’m ur inner self! LOVE URSELF! *Muah*,” the beloved performer tweeted.

Following the Rihanna incident, one Twitter user offered up some alternatives to the phrase: “in the context of another person, there are things like alter ego, soulmate, idol, kindred spirit, soul sister, twin, etc.,” the tweeter suggested.

It’s high time we leave “spirit animal” in the past.

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