Why Is Logan Paul Being Sued? It’s Related to the ‘Suicide Forest’ Video

Another day, another controversy surrounding a Paul brother. If you want to know why Logan Paul is being sued this time, it relates back to a video he posted to YouTube two years ago. In 2018, the controversial influencer posted an infamous video that prompted a swift backlash. Now, Logan is being sued due to that video and a business deal that fell through because of it. Here’s what we know. 

Why is Logan Paul being sued?

According to TMZ, Logan Paul is allegedly being sued by a movie production company that claims they lost millions of dollars — and that it was Logan’s fault.  

The production company, Planeless Pictures, alleges they signed a deal with the YouTuber in 2016. The deal was apparently for Logan to star in a movie titled Airplane Mode, where he would appear as a fictionalized version of himself. The movie was to be a spoof of modern-day trendsetters. 

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The film company had banked on Logan’s popularity and social media presence for their movie to be successful. They had planned to have the completed film distributed through YouTube and other social media platforms. 

Planeless Pictures was going to rely on the other influencers’ reach as well. The movie production company also claims they received a $3 million signed deal with Google to license the completed film.  

The problem is that Logan found himself in a heap of trouble before the production could be started on the movie. In 2018, Logan uploaded a video to his YouTube channel of his time spent in Japan. The YouTuber had visited Aokigahara, Japan and decided to film at the “Suicide Forest.” 

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The video he uploaded showed him closely examining a dead body of a victim of suicide and made very little, if any, effort in protecting the identity of the individual or blurring the body, which made for a very unsettling, inappropriate video. 

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This resulted in a massive backlash, with YouTube removing the video less than 48 hours later. That video wasn’t the only offensive thing he had done while visiting Japan. After getting called out, Logan went on an apology tour and claimed to have learned from his mistakes. 

But for Planeless Pictures, the damage was already done. Given the drop in Logan’s popularity, their movie deal was not able to follow through. The company is now suing for damages in an attempt to recoup what they lost on the pre-production and production of their movie attempt. 

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According to the Toronto Sun, the company is accusing Logan of “deliberately posting the suicide video to kill his deal with them, and allege they lost out on more than $3 million due to his actions.”

Currently, Logan Paul is training for his upcoming boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, after taking a pivot from YouTube content creation to celebrity boxing fights.  

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