Why Doesn’t Hayden Panettiere Have More Custody of Her Daughter?

“When they tell you about postpartum depression, you think about, ‘OK, I feel negative feelings towards my child, I want to injure my child, I want to hurt my child […] I’ve never ever had those feelings, and some women do,” Hayden described the condition on Live with Kelly and Michael.

Hayden enrolled in a rehabilitation center in October 2015, just 10 months after Kaya’s birth. She sought out professional help once again in May 2016. She tried to maintain an open and transparent approach throughout the difficult process, aiming to raise public awareness about the health condition. 

Hayden returned to her work-life soon after Kaya was born, shooting popular TV shows like Heroes and Nashville. Wladimir provided unmediated support throughout the difficult process, volunteering to undertake most parenting duties and helping to raise the child in accordance with her best interests. 

“I cut nails, change diapers, do the bath with her,” the boxing champion explained in a 2015 interview with Page Six.

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