Why Did Tasia Alexis Hussey Go to Prison? What She Said on TikTok

In part because social media can elevate the profiles of regular people, its stars can sometimes be people who have complicated histories. Tasia Alexis Hussey, who recently joined TikTok after achieving social media stardom through platforms like Vine and Instagram, is one star who has a life outside of her online persona. Now, Tasia is revealing more details about what her real life is like. 

Why did Tasia Alexis Hussey go to prison?

In one recent TikTok, Tasia shared that she had spent time in prison, and even showed her followers her mugshot. Now, many people who are interested in Tasia Alexis are wondering what she did time for. According to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, Tasia was arrested and charged with forgery and possession of methamphetamine. For many who used to follow Tasia, her arrest helps explains why she disappeared. 

why did tasia alexis go to prison

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Tasia was originally a star on Vine, the app designed for short-form comedy that closed its doors years ago. Tasia had more than 3 million followers on the platform and knew how to create videos for that audience. After Vine disappeared, Tasia took much of her substantial following over to Instagram, where she had more than 450,000 followers. 

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Tasia is making her fans feel old.

Because Tasia was a star all the way back in the Vine days, her reappearance on TikTok is making some fans think about how long they’ve been online. 

“So, I’m on TikTok and I come across Tasia Alexis’s page (she was from Vine) and apparently she done went to prison and now has a baby,” one user wrote on Twitter. “I feel super old.” 

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“Finding out Tasia Alexis from Vine disappeared all those years ago because she went to prison,” another user added.

Now that she’s on TikTok, Tasia is sharing details of her life, including images of her baby and more details about how she thinks about her time in prison. Her first TikTok was of her holding her baby while she sings a song.  

Since then, Tasia has proven that she still knows how to be a star on social media, even if life has thrown her a few curveballs since her time on Vine. 

“People still bring up the old me but it’s made me who I am today #JesusSavedMe #MakeAmericaSoberAgain #MyPastMadeMeWhoIAmToday #ThankYouJesus 🥺,” she wrote in the caption to her post sharing her mugshot. 

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Now, Tasia has more than 2 million followers on TikTok, and her posts have received more than 15 million likes. She might have done some time in prison, but it seems that she’s really bounced back in the time since. 

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