Why Did ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Vanessa Cobbs Leave the Snowdens?

Despite the heartache that both Ashley and Dimitri felt upon learning of Vanessa’s decision to leave the throuple, they decided to return for the third season of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. Apparently, all they needed was a little time to heal before they were able to jump back on the polygamous horse and once again find another person for their marriage.

In a sneak peek shared on Dimitri’s Instagram, both be and Ashley reveal that, following the breakup with Vanessa, they started courting two new women. Both will be featured on the season and, if one or both of them has what it takes to become a new member of the Snowden “tribe,” then Ashley and Dimitri may very well get married again.

Watch Seeking Sister Wife on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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