Why Did Penelope Leave ‘Criminal Minds’? — She Is Joining a Non-Profit

Needless to add, the ambivalent plotline immediately ignited fans’ imaginations, with many wondering if this could potentially be a narrative device enabling creators to revisit the show and create additional episodes, had there been a need for it. 

“@CrimMinds_CBS y’all and Erica Messer better be planning on a reunion movie. #CriminalMinds,” tweeted a die-hard fan. 

“I don’t about this ending of @CrimMinds_CBS it didn’t explain much, I get garcia is leaving, so is emily going to denver, is jj going to new orleans, it seems like they left it open for a reunion or spinoff #CriminalMinds [sic],” wrote another. 

“We wanted to leave it with, they’re going to fight another case and that will be that. We just won’t go with them this time. That was the overwhelming majority saying, ‘Can’t the show just go on?” Erica explained the reason behind the indefinite ending in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“And part of it was also, if the show ever got picked up to keep going, which, who knows if that will ever happen, we can untie that bow really easily and keep telling stories,” she added mysteriously. 

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