Why Did Ellie Leave ‘Barstool’? Fans Have Their Theories About It

While there have been tons of industries adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, media’s alive and well. Because people are staying indoors, working from home, and traveling less, they’re consuming more content than ever before. It’s also drawn more eyes to not just the web pages and videos these sites churn out, but their business practices too.

This is something Barstool Sports is no stranger to with its recent list of departures, which is why fans are asking why Ellie left the platform.

Why did Ellie Schnitt leave ‘Barstool’?

The Schnitt Talk podcast was a popular program for the sports media site, both Ellie and co-host Alanna Vizzoni resonated with fans and managed to garner a decent sized viewership that received a push from the site. However, Ellie had recently announced that Schnitt Talk would be having its final episode and that she would not only be leaving the show but Barstool too.

why did ellie leave barstool

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There have been several notable personalities who have left the platform recently, like Trillz. Many believe that the departures are tied to some of the more controversial things the site’s founder, Dave Portnoy, has said in the past during various segments.

However, there’s no way to know if Ellie’s decision to leave Barstool is tied to Dave Portnoy, but that hasn’t stopped people on the internet from speculating.

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Some people are happy that she’s parted ways with the website, stating that it was akin to someone dumping a crumby ex-boyfriend while others weren’t really “buying” that she decided to leave to pursue other career opportunities.

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Others said that Barstool is going “downhill” and they’re happy to follow her in her new career path and see where she ends up.

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