Why Did Aaron Hernandez Kill Himself? He Was Found Guilty of Murder

Before Hernandez was found hanging in his cell, he hadn’t displayed clear signs that he planned to kill himself. But it could have had a lot to do with his murder conviction. He hadn’t been on suicide watch, which is telling, but even when he spoke to family and friends on the phone from prison, he wasn’t in generally low spirits. He had still maintained some of himself. In the multiple notes he left behind, however, he mentioned going somewhere better and seeing his family in heaven. 

Researchers at Boston University found that Hernandez’s brain displayed some characteristics of Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) as a result of multiple football-related concussions over the years. Anger, aggression, and violent behavior is often related to CTE. It could have been related to his crimes and contributed to his feelings which led to his suicide. CTE was never definitively proven in relation to the case, however, so it was mostly speculation when brought up after his death.

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