Why Are Hulu Commercials so Loud? Plus, What You Can Do to Change That

While Hulu and other streaming platforms have revolutionized the way we watch TV, it seems as though advertisers are getting back to old tried-and-true tricks to keep our ever-wandering attention. Multiple users of the streaming platform have noticed that while shows play at a normal volume, the ads on Hulu can get obnoxiously loud. 

This can get extremely annoying as a TV viewer and in fact, there’s even a law that regulates the volume of television advertisements. The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act, passed in 2010, makes it illegal for any commercial’s volume to exceed the average volume of the channel that it comes on. According to the FCC, this prevented TV stations “from boosting the average volume of commercials to levels beyond the programs they accompany.”

However, advertisers quickly figured out how to get around the CALM Act by making certain parts of the commercial louder, but only such that they could be balanced out by softer moments so that the average volume of the commercial could match that of the TV program.

Advertisers often also make the initial few seconds of the commercial softer, before increasing the volume moments later, so it can appear to have the same volume.

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