Who’s the Ice Cream on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2? Fans Already Have Good Guesses

Even though The Masked Singer Season 2 doesn’t premiere until September 25, people are already playing detective with one of the masked singers: The one who’s wearing an ice cream mask. Who IS the Ice Cream? FOX most recently dropped a Season 2 sneak peek trailer that gave away some clues as to who some of the masked singers might be, and people think they’ve caught on to whoever is wearing the ice cream mask. 

This season of The Masked Singer, we’ve got 16 new contestants and their personas include Skeleton, Fox, Ice Cream, Eagle, Tree, Flamingo, Butterfly, Penguin, Leopard, Egg, Rottweiler, Flower, Thingamajig, Panda, and Black Widow. We also know a few things about the masked cast members: They’ve collectively been in 140 films, 22 Broadway musicals, have won 19 Emmys and 10 Grammys, and more.

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