Who Ruined MrBeast’s Videos? Why His Fans Don’t Like Karl Jacobs

Karl is a 22-year-old creator who joined MrBeast’s crew in 2020. He reportedly was only five weeks out from graduating college when the wealthy YouTuber offered him a position as an on-screen member of the team, promoting him from the camera work he had been doing for MrBeast prior. Karl took the gig and dropped out of college.

While Karl isn’t a child himself, it’s clear his brand of humor is meant to appeal better to the younger members of MrBeast’s audience.

Older fans of MrBeast tend to often be the ones who aren’t particularly fond of Karl’s presence in the videos, but this is likely because his “cringey” humor, as some have called it, is not intended for them.

There’s really no other explanation for how the creator has “ruined” MrBeast’s videos, other than them not liking his particular brand of comedy.

In response to all of this hate, popular gaming creator PewDiePie called out those who disliked Karl, calling them “jealous.”

“OK, I have seen more than one of these, of people hating on Karl for no reason,” he said in a video, later adding: “Why? Stop hating on Karl, he didn’t do nothing. I am calling on all Karl haters, all right? You’re all just jealous.”

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