Who Played Nora on ‘iCarly’? She’s Back!

Despite our love for nostalgia, sometimes when we revisit things, we can remember how problematic they may have been. And although we love Nora, the idea of a classic “crazy stalker girl” character is not above our criticism. The problem isn’t that she was struggling with mental illness, but that it was played as a joke, as Nora was literally called “psycho” in her episode titles.

In her episodes on the original iCarly, Nora loves the iCarly crew so much that she stalks them until she holds them hostage. She becomes almost murderous and forces Freddie to kiss her in exchange for food.

In her second episode, it’s explained that her parents may also struggle with mental illness, and Carly does try to be empathetic to her struggles. We do love her pet chicken, Maurice, although we’re not sure if Maurice will get his own redemption!

That’s why we are so excited to see Nora back on the iCarly reboot! It’s time for her redemption story. When she comes back, we learn that she’s been through years of extensive therapy (good for her!), although it’s still hard for her to resist following the iCarly crew.

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