Who Is Zonnique Pullins’ Baby’s Father? He’s in the Music Industry

T.I. isn’t even 40 yet, and he’s about to be a grandfather. Well, stepgrandfather, but it still counts. His stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins just confirmed her pregnancy and while it might be a shock to some that he has a stepchild old enough to start having a family of her own, others might be wondering about who Zonnique’s baby’s father is.

Like T.I., Zonnique is a musician, so it should come as no surprise that her boyfriend and the father of her baby is also in the music industry. Unlike her stepfather, though, Zonnique’s boyfriend isn’t quite at the same caliber where he is raking in awards, acting roles, and praises. He’s still a name in the business, however, and, according to Zonnique, he was even more excited than she was about the news that they are having a baby together.

Zonnique Pullins’ baby’s father is a rapper.

“He’s so soft,” Zonnique said, of her boyfriend. “He has two kids already. He’s such a different person with his kids than he is with everybody else. All my friends, even my mom, my parents, my whole family know how I am with my siblings. Like [with my 4-year-old sister] Heiress, I get mad when she’s crying too much. I’m like, ‘Okay, I have to toughen her up.’ So I feel like I’ll definitely be the [more] strict parent out of the both of us.”

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Source: Instagram

Zonnique’s net worth in 2020 is impressive.

Although Zonnique is the stepdaughter of a multi-millionaire rap superstar, she has managed to make money on her own. Zonnique’s net worth in 2020 is $500,000 and as a rising singer, that number could very well increase in the next few years. She was once part of the girl group OMG and in 2020, The Mix, a millennial and gen z talk show, launched on Fox Soul with Zonnique as one of the co-hosts.

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Source: Instagram

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