Who Is Yung Berg’s Girlfriend? See the Rapper’s Full Dating History

Yung Berg and Karrine were pretty good friends, but according to Karrine, it wound up costing her her relationship with Bow Wow. She explained to VladTV, “Shad and I fell out because Berg and I were friends. We still are, we don’t talk as often… but me and Berg were great. Bow felt that Berg wasn’t, his words were ‘famous enough’ or ‘rich enough’ for me to hang out with, and that I should only be hanging out with Bow and Wayne and that’s it.”

She never said that their relationship became romantic, but when that photo surfaced of what looked like Christian kissing her neck in 2013, it felt like confirmation that they were more than just friends.

In an interview, Christian said, “Karrine is just the homie, it ain’t nothing more, nothing deeper, she’s not my girlfriend. I know I’ve seen people say that we’re dating and all this other stuff, but that’s not the case, she’s just the homie.”

When he was asked about the PDA photo that surfaced, he said, “I’m notorious for that. I’m a kisser, but it’s not really like that. The pictures were taken and we were having a couple cocktails, enjoying each others company. We are homies.” Mmhmm. Totally believable. 

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