Who Is the Taco on ‘Masked Singer’? Spoilers!

The hints came spilling out before the Taco’s first performance, with clues such as the fact that the unknown voice has “been a comforting part of your lives for decades” and has a connection to San Francisco. 

Instantly, fans were convinced Bob Saget, aka Danny Tanner from Full House, was hiding under the taco. Other honorable mentions included Tom Bergeron of America’s Funniest Home Video fame, and Kelsey Grammer, who is known for his leading role on Frasier

Viewers also named celebs like Tim Allen — he was also a famous TV dad — Martin Short, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

“I’m calling it now…. Taco is Tom Bergeron,” one fan tweeted. Another predicted, “I have no ideas if the clues back this up, but the taco sounds like John Lithgow so let’s guess that.” 

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