Who Is the Eagle in ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2? Clues Point to This Rock Star

The Masked Singer Season 2 has us already searching for clues and grasping any kind of hints that reveal the true identities of the show’s contestants. We know that we have 16 contestants this time around (versus 12 last year), and their personas are: Skeleton, Fox, Ice Cream, Eagle, Tree, Flamingo, Butterfly, Penguin, Leopard, Egg, Rottweiler, Flower, Thingamajig, Panda, and Black Widow. We know that the masked stars are talented and there are probably a few big names in the mix, considering the cast has collectively been in 140 films, 22 Broadway musicals, and have won 19 Emmys and 10 Grammys (that’s only part of the number of accolades!). We’ve theorized who Ice Cream is, and we think we might know Fox. But who’s the Eagle Masked Singer?

Here’s what the internet is guessing so far.

One Twitter user thinks the Eagle could be one of the greats: Willie Nelson or Bruce Springsteen.

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Could it be Bret Michaels? 

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Kid Rock is a good guess, too.

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Could it be Calvin Harris?

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Cinema Blend‘s video that breaks down all of The Masked Singer Season 2 clues thinks it’s Alice Cooper. Why? Because he has a song called “Sun Arise,” and he’s originally from Phoenix (“The Valley of the Sun”), and he rides a motorcycle.

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Why would Alice Cooper be the Eagle?

The temperature part makes sense, but an eagle? Why that animal, specifically? Turns out, Alice Cooper has a song called “Freedom.” A bit obvious, but eagles do represent freedom and, you know, ‘Merica. 

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Also…Alice Cooper did spend a LOT of his rock ‘n roll career literally behind a mask (and still wears a ton of stage makeup to this day). Even though Alice is 71 years old, the rock star still performs. It wouldn’t be THAT wild for him to star in The Masked Singer.

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Source: Kevin Winter/WireImage

The Masked Singer Season 2 premieres September 25 at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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