Who Is the ‘Chain Reaction’ Game Show Host? Details on Dylan Lane

Largely a holdover from the era of Sony Pictures Television format, Chain Reaction is a family competition game show that sees its competitors using first-letter indicators to create a chain of associated words that are able to be read as a pair in succession. The genius concept, as well as often high-intensity gameplay, made the show a quick fan-favorite that ran until Dylan’s ultimate decision to part ways with the network in 2007.

Dylan further clarified to Feeling The Vibe how his role in the reboot of the program, although under the same terms, comes at a wildly different time in his life than when he hosted the original series. “During Chain Reaction Season 1 as I like to call it, I was young, living in New York City, a major metropolitan area and I was single which was great for NYC,” he explained to the publication. “Now, I am married and a father to two daughters living in rural upstate New York.”

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