Who Is the Bella Twins’ Mom? She’s Very Close to Her Daughters

Even though they are rarely seen in the WWE ring anymore, the Bella twins, Nikki and Brie Bella, are synonymous with the brand. More specifically, with the female superstars who are continually rising through the ranks within the industry.

So when the news broke that the Bella twins’ mom was undergoing brain surgery, fans everywhere were concerned.

As an extension of the twins themselves, who have their own show, Total Bellas, on which their mom has appeared, Kathy Laurinaitis is known by plenty of viewers. It certainly helps that she’s married to former wrestler and WWE producer John Laurinaitis.

But for those who only know Nikki and Brie’s mom through the twins themselves, they might be wondering more about who she is.

She’s also a big part of ‘Total Bellas.’

Although Kathy certainly has plenty going on outside of the show business life her daughters lead, she has been on Total Bellas plenty over the years, as she is a huge part of the Bella twins’ lives. In Season 5, there was some friction between Kathy and her daughters when she learned they were interested in reconnecting with their father, whom she had divorced years previously.

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