Who Is Stephanie Soo’s Husband? The Man Behind the Panda Mask

Popular YouTuber Stephanie Soo is best known for her mukbang and ASMR videos, which have skyrocketed her to one of YouTube’s top creators in that category. Her videos, which feature her consuming vast amounts of spicy foods, fast foods, and even large plates of seafood, easily bring in hundreds of thousands of views each.

Stephanie also shares some of her personal life with her viewers on her second vlog channel, MissMangoButt. But one thing Stephanie has been super secretive about is her fiancé. While he makes appearances in her vlogs and on her social media pages, she never explains who he really is. Stephanie is currently engaged, but who is her husband-to-be?

Stephanie Soo’s fiancé hides behind a panda mask online.

Despite how open Stephanie is about her relationship, she consistently keeps her fiancé’s identity a secret. On her social media pages and on YouTube, her partner only ever appears in an oversized panda mask.

Of all of the secret internet relationships, this is arguably one of the most creative ways to hide the identity of your significant other.

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Source: Instagram

In fact, her fiancé has an entire Instagram page under the alias MisterMangoButt, and in all of the photos on the page, he’s hidden his identity under the panda mask.

This hasn’t stopped Stephanie from participating in many of the fiancé challenges going around YouTube. MisterMangoButt is a staple part of her vlog channel, even if he hides behind a mask.

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Of those who have dated influencers, plenty have said that one of the hardest parts about it is having their personal life thrust into the spotlight, putting them under intense scrutiny though they’re not the one with the online platform.

The way Stephanie’s fiancé has handled this allows him to keep his identity mostly secret so he can still keep his personal life private, while still being supportive and involved in Stephanie’s career.

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