Who Is Safiya Nygaard’s Fiancé? Details on Who He is and Their Wedding

Who is Safiya Nygaard’s fiancé?

Before becoming known for her content, Safiya attended prestigious Stanford University, where she was an active participant in their theatre program. She met Tyler Williams, who was a year above her at Stanford, through one of their theatre productions. He was in an a capella group at the university, and they had mutual friends. 

While the couple didn’t initially begin dating after meeting, they were acquaintances. They reconnected in L.A. a year after Safiya graduated, and they then became close friends for several months. When Tyler asked Safiya to go to Disneyland, she assumed it was a date, and they’ve been together ever since.

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Since beginning their relationship in 2014, Tyler has become more active in Safiya’s vlogging life. He films most of her videos, and he’s often featured in them. There was one video Safiya wasn’t privy to, however.

In December of 2018, Tyler filmed a vlog about how he was going to propose to Safiya.

Source: Instagram

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He also has his own YouTube channel, which boasts more than 1.1 million subscribers. While Safiya’s content often centers around makeup, Tyler’s channel is focused on food concoctions. But, his last video was created more than eight months ago, so it’s clear that he’s been working around the clock on Safiya’s content.

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When is Safiya Nygaard’s wedding?

In the year since they got engaged, the couple has been candid about the planning process for their wedding. Initially after they got engaged, Tyler and Safiya said that they wanted a fall/early winter of 2019 wedding.The couple officially tied the knot in November of 2019, but they only confirmed their marriage in a video posted on Jan. 5 entitled “Our Wedding.”


Source: YouTube

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In their wedding video, the couple chronicled the hours leading up to their ceremony and reception. They took fans behind the scenes of them getting dressed, their first look at each other ahead of the ceremony, and their vows. Of course, Safiya wore her beaded white ceremony dress, which she had vlogged about before, and her black, celestial-themed reception dress. 

You can watch Safiya and Tyler’s wedding video below. 

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