Who Is Quinton Griggs? Meet the Popular “Sway House” Member!

The internet personality is most known for his viral lip-sync videos on TikTok, and since joining the app in 2019, the teen has already amassed a large following.

So, is he single? Quinton has been linked to fellow influencer Cynthia Parker after he confirmed that the two kissed. However, it seems their romance may have been short-lived after Quinton was reportedly caught talking to other girls.  

The North Carolina native is currently repped by TikTok talent-management company TalentX Entertainment. And, it’s safe to assume that by associating himself with the Sway House brand, he’s making loads of cash.

“[Kio] moved into our second house. He went from making $2,000 per month to close to six-figures, thanks to the power of SWAY,” Michael Gruen, Vice President of TalentX, told Billboard (via Grit Daily). 

While it has not been confirmed how much each member of Sway House makes individually, we guess it’s probably a lot!

Plus, the guys also get to live in the L.A. mansion rent-free. Apparently, the members just need to hit a certain quota to live in the luxurious household (via Business Insider).

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/quinton-griggs-sway-house

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