Who Is Mrs. Claus in John Travolta’s Odd Capital One Santa Commercial?

There are fewer things more boring and stodgy than talking about banks and financial institutions. People tend to get very serious when they discuss money, which makes sense. If you’re hiring a bank to safeguard your wealth, you probably don’t want them acting like a used monster truck rally announcer. But advertising companies like to get whimsical when promoting banks, like Capital One with its John Travolta Santa ad, which has a lot of folks wondering: Who is Mrs. Claus?

Who plays Mrs. Claus in Capital One’s John Travolta Santa commercial?

Folks were shocked to see the Battlefield Earth star dressed up like old St. Nicholas and video chatting with Samuel L. Jackson, who’s been a spokesperson for the bank for a few years now. The two shared the screen in the genre-defining 1994 phenomenon Pulp Fiction in what is probably one of the most memorable movie openings of all time.

In the ad, Sam is explaining to Travolta-Claus the benefits of Capital One Shopping.

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This got a lot of people thinking that maybe the director of the commercial went even further for a PF reunion of sorts and ended up enlisting the help of Uma Thurman to be Mrs. Claus in the ad. I would say that if they really wanted to give fans the whole movie experience, maybe Mrs. Claus would become so elated she’d overdone on happiness, like in the movie, collapse to the ground, and Travolta-Claus would have to deliver a sharpened candy cane to her heart to revive her.

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Source: Capital One/YouTube

But that doesn’t happen because Capital One has no vision (travesty). Also because Mrs. Claus is not played by Uma in the commercial but instead actress Dana Daurey.

Here’s the thing, however, there are tons of Pulp Fiction easter eggs in the commercial. Travolta is clearly drinking a “5 dollar milkshake” in the ad. Sam is wearing a “Happy Holidays with Cheese” T-shirt, an allusion to the “Royale with Cheese” conversation their characters have in the car in the beginning of the movie.

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And of course, the dance that they’re performing is the same iconic shoeless shuffle they pull off at the ’50s themed restaurant in the movie But this time they’re dancing to “Run, Run Rudolph” and not “You Can Never Tell,” but it’s still a Chuck Berry track nonetheless.

People were loving the commercial and the responses on social media were overwhelmingly positive.

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Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

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John Travolta got retro with flight attendants wearing the OG Pucci uniforms for Qantas Air.

The Australian airline had debuted the retro looks for their 737 aircrafts from the ’70s back in 2018, and John Travolta, an avid pilot, discussed his ties to the plane while promoting its new/old aesthetic: “When I took my first flight to Australia in 1980 it was on a Qantas 747SP with this color. It was at the peak of my arrival in film and television.”

He continued, “I’d been famous for about five years but it was my first big international trip to Australia, and I was excited, I was going to meet Olivia (Newton-John) there and she was going to take me to her house. I was there to promote Urban Cowboy, the movie, so my memories of this timeframe of livery are exciting, it represents a lot for me.”

From Santa Claus to legit pilot, Travolta’s done it all in the word of promotional advertising it seems.

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