Who Is “Money Girl” Mallory Gulley on ‘Street Outlaws?’

So, who exactly is Mallory Gulley? 

Well, if her last name sounds familiar, it should. Her dad is Kenneth Gulley, the owner of Gulley Garage, which is featured heavily on Street Outlaws: Memphis. 

And just like her gearhead dad, who is known to drive the Bounty Hunter, Mallory (age 22) is following in his racing footsteps. 

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mallory kenneth gulley

Source: Instagram

Last October, Mallory showed off her check for $10,000 after winning a race. “Congratulations to Mallory Gulley on her win last night good job girl,” Dennis Bailey wrote on Facebook.

Mallory also posted about the moment on Instagram, writing, “We had such a good weekend in St Clair! Couldn’t have done it without y’all!” 

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According to her Facebook page, along with racing, Mallory is also an employee at Gulley Bail Bonds and KEG towing. She also studied at Arkansas State University, alongside her sister, Natalie Gulley. 

MALLORY gulley ugly duckling

Source: Facebook

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Mallory wasn’t named in that Street Outlaws lawsuit — but her dad was. 

“When Larkin turned around, his wife, Plaintiff Genny Larkin yelled, ‘look out.’ When Larkin turned around, Defendant Day and the other two individuals were running across the street at him. Day and ‘Bounty Hunter’ threw punches at Larkin and tackled him to the ground,” the lawsuit read. “As Larkin went down, he felt immediate pain in his leg, as though his ‘muscles and tendons were ripping.’ At that point Larkin was on his back with his face exposed. The Bounty Hunter and Day continued the assault, punching Larkin in the face repeatedly and kicking him in the ribs.”

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mallory gulley sister
Source: Instagram

Mallory with her sister, Natalie.

The court filing continued, “As the assault continued, Larkin literally believed the Street Outlaws were attempting to kill him. He literally feared for his life.”

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