Who Is Michael Manzo? Details on the ‘Life Below Zero’ Star

Next Generation follows an eclectic cast of individuals fed up with the everyday dullness of daily living, including a technologically driven society and focus on capitalism. Michael Manzo, a fan favorite, has been a breakout star this season. So, how did Michael end up on the show, and where was he before his rise to fame? We have the details below! 

Michael was also a soldier in the past.

Before his time on Life Below Zero, Michael served with the U.S. Army. He was a member of the 84th Engineers Combat Heavy Battalion, with whom he completed three 1-year tours in Iraq. He then left the Army to attend college in Alaska. He tried his hand at a traditional business career, but soon realized it wasn’t really the perfect fit for him.

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Since moving to Alaska in 2002, Michael has garnered an impressive resume. While he is a fisherman, hunter, and traveler, he is primarily a canoe builder. He is currently the co-owner and creator of Yukon Freightworks Canoe Company. On the website’s homepage, Michael took the opportunity to tell his story. 

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“After talking to a couple old canoeists in Alaska, they had described to me the “jack-ass lifts” that were used on 19 ft. Grumman square stern canoes.  When I decided to make my own lift version, I was able to go many more places with my 6 hp, and 9.9 hp motors.  They consumed very little fuel, due to the efficiency of the small motors combined with the canoe shaped hulls,” he explained. 

Source: National Geographic

“There were a few times when I was taking water over the canoe and getting tossed around by the large waves, that I wished I had a bigger boat.  That was a great year of learning.  I fly-fished, duck hunted, dip-netted hooligan, and harvested a moose on that first year in my first motor powered canoe in Alaska. I was hooked,” he continued.

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