Who Is Mama Mai on ‘The Price Is Right’? She Gets a Shout-out Every Day

Fans of The Price Is Right are probably familiar with the show’s announcer George Gray. At the beginning of every show when he’s introducing host Drew Carey, he says “Hi, Mama Mai!” Actually, George has been doing this every day for years. For some people, this may just be a random shout-out, but for him, it’s much more.

It turns out that George and Mama Mai have a relationship that goes back decades — but who is she? Is she a former contestant or just a really big fan? Her connection to The Price Is Right is one of sentimental value, and her daily shout-out can easily be considered the most heartwarming part of the show.

George Gray has another woman in his life: his wife.

His wife, Brittney Renee Gray, makes an occasional appearance on his Instagram, but she likes to keep to herself and doesn’t mind letting you know. Her Instagram is set to private and she has a message to potential followers in her bio. “I’m a high school math teacher… no seriously,” it begins. “But if I don’t know you personally then don’t request to follow me, I won’t accept…Thanks.”

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Luckily, George survived and returned to The Price Is Right just five months after it all. But he did urge people to be proactive with their health to make sure they don’t have to deal with the issues he did. He said he had no idea that the entire right side of his heart was blocked before he had those heart attacks.

“When you get to a certain age, do a stress test,” George says in the ET interview. “Check out your ticker. Make sure it’s where it needs to be. Go to the doctor,” he said, looking straight into the camera. “I mean, it could save your life.”

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