Who Is Lisa Oz? An Inside Look at Their Relationship

Since he first became a mainstay on Oprah Winfrey’s namesake talk show, Dr. Oz, real name Mehmet Oz, was catapulted into stardom and became essentially the de-facto face of television health and medicine, a title he has retained for decades now.

Of course, while his massive success can be attributed largely to his lauded record in the field of medicine, Dr. Oz’s relationship with his wife, and his family as a whole, surely helped define the man that he is today. So, who exactly is Dr. Oz’s wife, and what type of impact did she and their family together have on his career? Here’s a total analysis of America’s favorite primetime doctor’s home life.

Who is Dr. Oz’s wife? He and Lisa Oz have been married since 1985.

Although many know Dr. Oz the television personality, few actually know Dr. Oz the family man, and that’s exactly what he is when not under the limelight. The star has been married to Lisa Oz since 1985, and their relationship, although initially spurred by their parents, has developed into a longstanding and mutually beneficial union.

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Lisa credits their solid marriage to the way that they’re able to frame even difficult scenarios they encounter, “Whenever he’s doing something that’s driving me crazy, I think about one of his traits I absolutely adore. For example, I’m insatiable when it comes to being with him, so my main complaint is that we never have enough time together. The positive side of that is I love how open and available he is to other people who need him.”

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Who are Dr. Oz’s kids? They’ve played an equally important role in his life.

A father of four and grandfather of four more, Dr. Oz and Lisa have surely created an extensive loving family throughout their three-plus decades together. The couple’s first child, Daphne Oz, grew up to follow in her father’s footsteps, taking a role as host of the television program The Chew. Arabella Oz followed, and so did her equivalent passion to follow in her father’s footsteps. An author and actress, Arabella is credited with films such as When the Star Ends and Jigsaw.

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Daphne and her husband, John Jovanovic, have so far been the only offspring of the star to provide him and Lisa with grandchildren, but provide they have, with four kids between the two of them. Dr. Oz has mentioned on countless occasions how much he enjoys quality time with Philo, Jovan, Domenica, and Giovanna, even foregoing his own medical advice and buying them sweets such as ice cream.

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