Who Is Lil Baby Dating? He Has Two Baby Mamas

Rapper Lil Baby skyrocketed to superstardom not long after he released his first mixtape to the world. Since then, he has continued to be a big name and voice in rap music that millions of people adore. Of course, this means that those same fans are very curious about Lil Baby’s private life and whether he’s dating anyone.

Whether or not Lil Baby is dating anyone right now doesn’t have any bearing on his work as a musical artist, but it’s one of those things that you can’t help but wonder about. It is also a part of his private life that some people want more clarity on, especially since he doesn’t typically display his relationships out in the open. Not to mention, it appears that he has been playing the breakup-to-makeup game for some time with model Jayda Cheaves.

So, who is Lil Baby dating?

Word on social media is that Lil Baby may have patched things up with his first baby mama Ayesha Howard. The pair — who share a son together — have been known to have custody issues in the past. But, it looks like all may be well between the two.

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And the cherry on top for fans was when Lil Baby’s most recent ex-girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves — with whom he also shares a son — posted a photo on Instagram with a seemingly shady caption.

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“Only way I’ll lose my spot is if I don’t want it no more,” Jayda wrote.

Fans took that to mean that since she and the rapper have called it quits, that’s the only reason why he’s entertaining Ayesha.

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However, Jayda quickly cleared things up in an Instagram Live video.

“Y’all always say I throw rocks and hide my hands, but no shade, it costs $8,000 per post on my Instagram feed,” Jayda said on IG Live. “Do y’all think I’d be subbing a b—h for free, knowing it’s going to make the blogs?”

Most people think Ayesha will likely respond to Jayda — since they’ve had issues in the past — but Ayesha seems to be very unbothered these days. In fact, Ayesha showed off her twerking skills to Lil Baby’s music in a now-deleted video on Instagram, which many fans assume is only fueling the fire.

However, neither Lil Baby nor Ayesha have confirmed their rumored reunion.

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