Who Is Lalisa Manoban’s Boyfriend? BLACKPINK’s Lisa Might Be With…

According to Billboard, it has finally been confirmed that all members of BLACKPINK, while still working together as a group, will also release music as solo artists. Lisa is the last member to jump on the solo train, and YG Entertainment’s official statement reads, “Lisa will film the music video for her new song this week. She will be making her solo debut this summer.”

Additionally, BLACKPINK will celebrate its fifth anniversary as a group in August 2021, with a project titled “4 + 1 Project.” Between the hints of upcoming music and BLACKPINK the Movie, which is also set to release in August 2021, it sounds like the world will be seeing plenty of Lisa in the months to come. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a single, a movie, and more on the horizon?

BLACKPINK’s Netflix documentary Light up the Sky is currently streaming.

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/lalisa-manoban-boyfriend

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