Who Is Kenan Thompson Married To? Meet the Actor’s Wife and Kids

Kenan Thompson has two kids with his wife, Christina Evangeline.

That’s right! Kenan is currently the father of two daughters. (Where does the time go?) Georgia was born in June 2014, and Gianna was born in August 2018.

“I think the biggest wake-up call is how immediate it is,” the SNL star told People of fatherhood in June 2020. “One day you’re not a dad and then the next moment you are. You’re just a dad from that point on.”

Kenan added, “And definitely, my coolness just got sucked right out of me. I didn’t know … I didn’t even feel it, but I just immediately started wearing black socks and shorts and just being really corny at stores and over-asking questions about items that are super obvious and in my face.”

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Although Kenan doesn’t post about his wife and kids incredibly often (mostly on birthdays and holidays), Evangeline often shares photos of their adorable little girls, and sometimes of the entire family. Here’s a clip of Georgia and Gianna wishing their daddy a happy birthday.

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In August 2020, Christina also shared a video clip of Kenan and Georgia guest-judging America’s Got Talent. (Spoiler alert: She totally stole the show.)

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What Kenan has shared on his own Instagram account about his wife and kids is enough to make anyone grab a box of tissues and exclaim, “Awwwww!” Like this photo of his entire family dressed up like jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween.

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Or this May 2020 shoutout to his wife. “Happy Mother’s Day my sweetheart!!! I’ll always have your back @yoevangeline!!!” Kenan wrote. “Hope you enjoyed another great day of being a superwoman to our girls and everyone we know!!!”

Source: Instagram

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