Who Is Kea Peahu? She’s a Double Threat in Show Business

Long before acting called to her and she was cast as the lead in Finding ‘Ohana, Kea was a dancer. At the age of 10, she appeared on the KHON-2 news network in Hawaii to showcase her moves and let viewers at home know that they should remember her name. Before then, she had already performed as a background dancer in music videos for Jennifer Lopez and Chris Brown, so she definitely had a spark that came out early on for her.

At the time of her appearance on the local news, she had been a part of the dance troupe called The Lab. Judging by Instagram, she’s still a part of the crew and takes dancing seriously. But, when Kea isn’t dancing or filming an audition tape for an acting role, she still has homework, chores, and video games to keep her grounded.

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