Who Is Kaylin Garcia Dating? She’s Linked to Erica Mena’s Ex Safaree Samuels

It appears that in the case of Erica and Safaree’s divorce, Kaylin wants no part of the drama.

On July 5, 2021, Erica took to Instagram Stories to share a photo of Safaree and Kaylin together at an Independence Day gathering. In her post, she alleges that the two are very much sleeping together and says that he hasn’t seen their newborn boy since he was born.

She also went on to call out Kaylin for allegedly sleeping with a man who she knows is still married.

“Real talk, I’ve been in the shoes of dealing with a man who lived a double life and I had no clue he was married,” Erica wrote. “You know Safaree is married. Who doesn’t know that?”

After getting word about Erica’s claims, Kaylin quickly responded via Instagram Stories to clear her name.

“The fact that I have been called out for absolutely nothing is insane,” Kaylin wrote. “Me and Safaree are friends and nothing more. Thanks!”

Safaree has yet to speak on the rumors of the affair, but it’s safe to say that the drama is far from over.

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