Who Is Judge Judy’s Husband? Meet Jerry Sheindlin, Her Second Husband

Yes. Judge Judy is a proud mom to five children. With Ronald, Judy welcomed son Jamie, 54, in 1966, and son Adam, 52, in 1968 (Jerry’s stepkids). With Jerry, Judy is a stepmom to three children from Jerry’s previous marriage, son Gregory, 56, who was born in 1964, son Jonathan, 53, who was born in 1967, and daughter Nicole, 52, who was born in 1968. Like their parents, Greg, Adam, and Nicole are all lawyers.

Sweetly enough, Jerry and Judy also have 13 grandkids, in which they “spoil,” she said. “I’m trying to think of how we don’t, but the answer is we do. We don’t even think we’re doing it, but their parents are very smart. They try to put the skids on it,” she told ET.

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