Who Is Joe on ‘Fixer to Fabulous’? Details on Chase Looney’s Dad

The more prominently featured builder and carpenter on Fixer to Fabulous is Chase Looney, Joe’s son. Chase, who truly followed in his father’s footsteps, wrote a touching tribute to Joe and credits him for who he is today.

“They say you love what you know. In my case that rings true. I often accompanied my father on Fire emergency calls, but my favorite place to be was under his feet as he built in his wood shop. Riding along in the Fire Engine was as exhilarating to me as drawing pictures in sawdust on the floor of his shop,” Chase wrote.

“At age 14, I began my apprenticeship as a carpenter in training. After school and on weekends, I began at the bottom of the ladder … My father was kind but honest. If I was going to pursue carpentry, I would have to learn that if it was not perfection then it was not finished. Years of trial and error molded me into the man, all about the detail, I am today,” he continued.

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