Who Is Jane Levy’s Boyfriend? Details on Thomas McDonell

It’s hard not to imagine that the actors and actresses in some of our favorite TV shows have similar personal lives to what they exude on television and film. While we may fantasize that our favorite actors and actresses are really living the life of their characters, that is rarely the case. Typically, most stars like to keep a low profile.

Actress Jane Levy from the NBC hit Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is no exception. Jane has pretty successfully kept her personal life under wraps. She was even married for a bit, and no one knew! So, who was her husband? Is she dating anyone now? We have the details about Jane’s boyfriend and her past loves below.

Jane Levy is dating actor, singer, and artist Thomas McDonell.

In 2011, Jane began dating actor Thomas McDonnell, and the couple has been going strong for nine years. Born in May 1986, Thomas comes from a family with an impressive resume. Thomas’ father, Terry, is an editor for Sports Illustrated, while his mother, Joanie, is also a writer. The same goes for Thomas’ brother Nick who is a screenwriter.

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Thomas and Jane appear to have met through the industry and eventually started working on projects together. Their budding friendship soon turned to love. Thomas guest starred on Jane’s now-cancelled series, Suburgatory. When he began appearing on the show, Jane was still married but separated from her now ex-husband.

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I wanted to [work on Suburgatory] because I didn’t know anything about that kind of work and because Jane Levy is cool. We filmed a movie together over the summer [Fun Size] and we had this idea that I could work on her show. I play the guy next door; it’s no big deal,” he told Interview Magazine.

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