Who Is Dixie D’Amelio’s Boyfriend in 2021? Here’s What We Know

Prior to getting things started with Griffin, Dixie was still dating her high school boyfriend, Matt. Dixie and Matt had been best friends for quite a while, but they decided to take things to the next level in May 2018, according to Stars Offline. Matt was an avid soccer player in high school, and Dixie was on the track team, the lacrosse team, and the varsity hockey team.

Matt and Dixie ended up going to prom together in June 2018, and from then on, Matt made frequent appearances on Dixie’s social media pages, though their posts together have since been deleted. It’s unclear why Matt and Dixie broke up, but it seems as though Matt may have been Dixie’s first boyfriend, and they most likely grew apart after graduation. Either way, though, it seems like Dixie has definitely moved on in the best way possible.

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