Who Is Diplo Dating Now? Fellow DJ and YouTuber Chantel Jeffries

If you’ve ever listened to any kind of electronic music and been to any festival where people are popping mollies like they’re coming out of Pez dispensers while rocking neon leg warmers, then there’s a good chance you know exactly who Diplo is. The DJ has a whopping net worth of $26 million thanks to his work as a producer, songwriter, rapper, and DJ.

Paparazzi photos of the couple showed that Diplo and his new date were very comfortable with one another and having a grand old time at a swanky beachfront house in the vacation destination. TMZ reports that the two were “very handsy” with one another, which is all ideal vacation type stuff, isn’t it?

Who is Chantel Jeffries?

A successful DJ herself, Chantel has a whopping 1.08 million YouTube subscribers who tune in to check out her original tracks and remixes. She recently completed her successful “Chase the Summer Tour” and has been developing a very steady career in modeling as well. Her Instagram following is at almost 4.6 million followers, which has helped to facilitate several brand deals.

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The result of all these endeavors have earned her a reported net worth of over $1 million, but that number is likely higher, as is often the case. So to call Chantel a “clout chaser” for shacking up with a famed DJ like Diplo, (and formerly NBA stars like Kyrie Irving, and musicians Justin Bieber and The Weeknd) as some negative comments online would suggest, is highly unlikely. It’s clear that the 27-year-old daughter of an Army veteran is no stranger to hustling for herself.

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In several videos on her Instagram story, Chantel is shown canoodling with Diplo. In one video, she records her “dream house,” which is presumably the gorgeous bungalow the couple shared during their time together in Mexico. In another, Diplo calls her “baby” as the two relax in a hammock looking very cute and very comfortable.

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Source: Instagram

She, however, did rely on Diplo to take some Instagram photos of her, which proves that no matter how rich and powerful you are, you will always be subjected to snapping a photo of your significant other looking cute while you’re out and about. In the third and final photo of one of her vacation posts, Chantel had a second photographer reveal that Diplo was helping her snap photos during their vacation time.

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diplo chantel tulum

Source: Instagram

All in all, it looks like a super amazing dream vacation. Do you think they both have the same taste in music? Or would it get awkward with two DJ’s having to one-up each other on the playlist? That’s the only part I don’t envy about the whole trip — just imagine how opinionated they are about that. I’m just kidding — that trip looks fantastic and I’m totally jealous.

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