Who Is Candice on TikTok? Explaining the Candice Just Died Meme

In a series of videos posted by users on TikTok, one person will ask another some variation of a question or statement about Candice. In response, the other person typically asks who Candice is. Instead of answering the question, though, many of the TikTok videos end after the question is asked. This leaves users watching the videos hanging, unsure of what the answer to the question actually is. 

As it turns out, there is no person named Candice that all these people are referring to. Instead, when the second person asks “Candice, who” or “who’s Candice”, the first will respond by saying “Candice d–k fit in your mouth!” 

It’s a simple, old school joke that might fit in well on a middle school playground. On TikTok, though, the joke has become something of an inside thing, as many users have declined to include the punchline in their videos. 

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