Who Is Billie Eilish’s Brother’s Girlfriend? Meet Claudia Suleweski

While Claudia and Finneas have over a year together, people are now just starting to freak out about how similar they think Claudia and Billie look.

While this is mostly based on their face shape and noses, fans really just can’t get over the fact that Finneas is dating someone who looks so like his sister.

If you look at any of their photos together, the comments are mostly Billie stans commenting about how similar the pair is. In fact, some have even speculated that she’s trying to look like the famous pop singer.

“I think she’s done something to her face that made her look like Billie because if you scroll down to her old pictures, you’ll see that she looks nothing like Billie!” one user commented on her photo.

“Oh d–n sorry I thought that was [Billie],” another commented.

Other fans are taking to Twitter to express their confusion over their similarities.

“i showed my mum a picture of finneas’ girlfriend and said who is that and she was like billie eilish duh,” @pinciotte tweeted.

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/billie-eilish-brother-girlfriend

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