Who Is Billie Eilish Dating? The Singer Doesn’t Kiss and Tell

Most people fall in love for the first time between the ages of 15 and 18, according to Bustle, and that seems to be around the age when Billie fell in love for the first time as well. Billie said that she has — in fact — been in love before, according to Seventeen, and although she didn’t specify who she loved or when it was, she stressed the fact that it’s in the past. These days, Billie is mostly focused on self love, and that’s totally respectable.

“I was in love, [but] not at the moment,” she said in an interview with 3Voor12. “I’m in love with her,” she said pointing to herself. “Me.”

Check out the interview below, with Billie, who was 17 at the time below. There is definitely no denying that for a teenager, Billie is incredibly mature — she really seems to know what she wants.

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