Who Is Bebe Rexha Dating? Inside Her Romance With Filmmaker Keyan Safyari

In October 2020, Bebe opened up to Entertainment Tonight about her love life: “We like this guy. I think this is a good one. He’s a very good one. This guy is special. He’s loving, he takes care of me, he’s understanding of my career and what I do. My family loves him. He’s just honestly an amazing person, and he makes me happy! It just feels right.”

She also revealed that she didn’t need companionship during the height of the coronavirus pandemic: “I wasn’t lonely during quarantine. I have a very wonderful man in my life right now, and he’s so amazing. I’m very grateful for him, and I’m just enjoying my life and seeing where it goes.” The pair were first spotted together in March 2020.

Bebe admitted that she wants to keep more of her relationships private in the age of social media, which is part of the reason her track “Baby, I’m Jealous” came about.

Talking about a previous relationship, she explained: “It’s tough in relationships to be on social media … other females, you get them in your head, and you get a little insecure. I just saw likes and messages and comments, and I was like, ‘Ugh, why? What don’t I have that she has?’ Like, this guy that I’m dating, why is he flirting with her?”

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