Who Is Amy Poehler Dating? Learn All About the Actress’ Dating History

In 2014, Amy told radio host Howard Stern that she had dinner with Full House alum John Stamos after her divorce from Will … and realized belatedly that the outing might not have been platonic.

“I was like, ‘Oh, maybe this is a date!’” she recalled on Howard’s show, per ABC News. “But I blew it … I remember thinking, like, ‘Oh, s–t, if this is really a date …’ I think I was wearing a Leslie Knope shirt — I think a shirt from [the set of Parks and Recreation]. I wasn’t foxy.”

John later discussed his and Amy’s quasi-date with Extra, saying, “We’re really good friends … I guess [Amy] didn’t know it was a date. I asked her out on a date … and we had a really nice time. Then I hear she thought it wasn’t a date. It was a date in my eyes.”

Crossed wires aside, Amy seemed to enjoy the dating scene at the time.

“I find my relationships at 40-plus are really emulsified, juicy relationships, because you have more of a sense of who you are and who you want to be around,” she told People in 2014. “If you’re a strong woman and your man likes that, then he’s a real man. If you’re with someone who asks you to turn your light down, he’s a weaker person, and you should get away from him.”

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