Who Is Adriel on ‘Warrior Nun’? — What You Need to Know About the Demon

*Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of Warrior Nun ahead.*

Blessed are those who have already binged Season 1 of Warrior Nun, Netflix’s new escapist sci-fi fantasy show that follows a young orphan named Ava (Alba Baptista), who wakes up in a morgue to find out she’s the newest member of a 1,000-year-old line of nuns tasked with saving the earth from evil demons.

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Throughout Season 1, audiences watched Ava find her own identity and place in the Order of the Cruciform Sword, banding together with her warrior sisters and Father Vincent (Tristán Ulloa). But it was soon revealed that Father Vincent was actually the bad guy of the show and had been acting under the orders of the mysterious Adriel (William Miller) the whole time. 

But with the massive cliffhanger at the end of Season 1, audiences are wondering if anything they know about Adriel is true at all. And if he’s not an angel as Ava and the rest of the warrior nuns thought, who is he and what does he want?

Keep scrolling for a recap and explainer about how the season ended and find out, who exactly is Adriel?

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What happens at the end of ‘Warrior Nun’ Season 1?

After finding herself a member of the Order of the Cruciform, Ava takes some time to trust her new sisters and decide whether to align herself with the order. Once she joins up with her warrior sisters and Father Vincent, they team up to take down Cardinal Duretti (Joaquim de Almeida), who they believe killed the previous bearer of the halo, Sister Shannon (Melina Matthews). The team now thinks that Cardinal Duretti is after Ava, so he can retrieve the halo in order to access the tomb of Adriel.

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The myth of Adriel, as known by Ava and her sisters, is that the angel gave up his halo and, therefore, his divine immortality when he gave the halo to the original warrior nun called Areala. However Adriel’s remains are said to make whoever controls them the king of the demon world and the sisters believe that this is Cardinal Duretti’s ultimate plan.

who is adriel warrior nun

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But who is Adriel and what does Ava find in his tomb?

When Ava enters Adriel’s tomb, she’s shocked to see a living, breathing Adriel there, who, it turns out, has been trapped there for centuries. Ava thinks Adriel is harmless at first, but becomes suspicious when he brushes against her and she receives troubling flashbacks from Areala’s memories. 

Ava learns that Adriel is no angel, but a demon who had stolen the halo — and when Adriel tries to take the halo from her, Ava has no choice but to blast him with its powers. She soon reveals the truth to the rest of her sisters, but there’s another shock waiting. 

In a huge reveal, it turns out Father Vincent was the one helping Adriel all along and he was the one who killed Sister Shannon. The sisters fight Adriel but he summons demons to possess some bystanders who also join the fight and the season ends with the nail-biting cliffhanger of watching the warrior sisters being overrun by demon-possessed civilians.

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There are a lot of questions that need to get answered in Season 2 of Warrior Nun, and we can’t wait.

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